Small Family Tree

A one-of-a-kind customizable family tree painting is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your family's history and connections. The painting features a sturdy tree trunk with branches extending outward, representing your family lineage. The hearts on the branches can be customized with the names of your family members, making it a truly personal work of art.

The painting can be created in a variety of styles, with colours that complement your home decor.  The tree itself is a delicate wood decal, allowing for a customizable touch with the addition of family member's names and birthdates

This family tree painting serves as a beautiful and heartfelt way to honor your family and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. It can be displayed in your home, reminding you of your roots and the love that binds your family together.

For up to 9 family members
Fully Custom able
Only one of a kind
Message for unique family tree of your own
Any Colour scheme and style

Meduim Family Tree

  • For up to 12 family members
  • Only one of a kind
  • Variations can be ordered by mail

Large Family Tree

  • For up to 20 family members
  • Only one of a kind
  • Variations can be ordered by mail

The Raven

  • Poem by Edgar Allan Poe
  • custom able word art 
  • SOLD
  • Message for a Unique Custom able word art of your own

Eggcellent Abstract

This small painting features a beautifully fluid and organic design created by an acrylic pour technique. The white and brown color scheme gives the painting a natural and earthy quality, while the abstract style adds a modern twist . The colors blend seamlessly together, creating a soothing, calming effect. The egg-like shape of the painting gives it a sense of delicacy and vulnerability, like a newly hatched bird or creature. It would make a lovely addition to any home or office, bringing a touch of serenity and peace to any space.

Fiery Depths

This acrylic pour painting on canvas features a bold and dramatic color palette. The base layer is black, with swirling waves of deep red and hints of yellow woven throughout. The red appears almost like blood, as if the painting is alive with a pulsing energy. The yellow serves as a subtle accent, adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise dark and moody piece. The fluid nature of the acrylic pour creates a dynamic, organic texture, with each layer blending seamlessly into the next. The overall effect is intense and captivating, drawing the viewer in with its raw emotion and movement.

Unique Acrylic painting 20 x 29cm
Box canvas in white box frame 40 x 30cm
No glass included