Nature's Canvas: Captivating Wild Animals Paintings

Welcome to "Nature's Canvas," where art comes alive with the untamed beauty of the animal kingdom. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of wild animals paintings, expertly crafted to bring the essence of nature into your home. Catherina's collection showcases the grace of majestic big cats, the curiosity of playful primates, the gentle elegance of roaming herbivores, and the mysterious allure of nocturnal creatures.

Each brushstroke on the canvas breathes life into these magnificent beings, preserving their spirit and charisma for eternity. With intricate detail and vibrant colors, Catherina skillfully captures the essence of wildlife, from the piercing gaze of predators to the tender bond between parent and offspring. As you explore her gallery, you'll be transported into the lives of these creatures.

Whether you seek a bold centerpiece for your living room or a captivating accent for your workspace, her wild animals paintings evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the wonders of the animal kingdom. Join her on this artistic journey, where every stroke celebrates the harmony between art and nature, and find the perfect masterpiece to enrich your space with the untamed spirit of the wild.

Soulful Gaze

In "Soulful Gaze," a mesmerizing A2-sized painting, the viewer is drawn into the profound connection between humanity and nature. The subject, a wise and majestic chimpanzee, captures hearts with its soulful eyes peering intently out towards the audience. Rendered with the delicate touch of pastels and colored pencils, the artwork portrays the chimpanzee's intricate emotions, reflecting a deep understanding that transcends language barriers. As you engage with this captivating piece, you can't help but feel a powerful sense of empathy and kinship with our fellow beings, reminding us of the beauty and complexity of the natural world we share. "Soulful Gaze" stands as a poignant tribute to the remarkable creatures with whom we coexist, urging us to contemplate our place within the tapestry of life and the responsibility we hold as stewards of this precious planet.  

50 x 70cm unmounted and unframed
Pastels and Coloured Pencil on pastelmat  Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Corinne Ammann

Patel pride

Pastel Pride: The Regal Lion's Gaze

In this captivating pastel masterpiece, the majestic essence of the lion is brought to life. The artist skillfully captures the intensity and grace of the lion's gaze, as if it holds secrets of ancient wisdom. Soft pastel strokes blend harmoniously, creating a rich palette of gentle hues that enhance the inherent beauty of the lion's noble features. This art piece celebrates the strength, majesty, and quiet power embodied by the king of the jungle

A3 Pastels                                                                                                                        58 x 47cm Professionally mounted and framed
Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Don Barrick
Chicken Acrylic Painting

Feathered Friends: A Skyline Gathering

This vibrant acrylic painting depicts four chickens and a dove standing in a line along a wall, with a bright blue sky in the background. Each bird is rendered in bold, expressive strokes, with their individual personalities shining through. The chickens have a colorful array of feathers, with shades of gold, brown, and black, while the dove is a soft, creamy white. The background features a sweeping expanse of blue sky. The overall effect is one of lively energy and playful joy, with the birds' carefree demeanor inviting the viewer to join in the fun. This painting celebrates the beauty and wonder of nature and the joy that comes from spending time in the company of feathered friends. 
Acrylic Painting on canvas board    
77.5 x 60.5 cm Professionally mounted and framed 

Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Danganhfoto

Horse Pastel Painting

Sandswept Beauty

This stunning pastel painting captures the serene beauty of a white horse resting on the sand at the beach. The artist has used soft, delicate strokes to render the horse, creating a sense of ethereal beauty and grace. The horse's mane and tail flow gently in the breeze, adding to the sense of tranquility and calm. The background features the vast expanse of the beach, with the soft blue of the sky contrasting beautifully against the warm golden hues of the sand. The overall effect is one of peaceful serenity, with the horse's presence evoking a sense of harmony and balance. This pastel painting is a true masterpiece that celebrates the natural beauty of the world around us.

 50 x 70cm unmounted and unframed 
Pastels on pastelmat    

Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Gill Merritt

Raven by Catherinas fine art (catcud) Night's Watchman

Night's Watchman

This striking painting captures the mystique and allure of the raven, a symbol of intelligence, adaptability, and mystery. The raven is depicted in exquisite detail, with a lustrous black plumage that glistens in the light. Against a dark background that fades to black, the raven's feathers stand out in stark contrast, creating a sense of depth and drama. The raven's sharp, intelligent gaze seems to pierce through the canvas, conveying a sense of power and wisdom. The overall effect of this painting is one of timeless elegance and depth, capturing the essence of the raven's enigmatic nature. This painting is a tribute to the enduring fascination we have with these magnificent creatures, and a testament to the enduring power of art to capture the beauty and mystery of the natural world. 

30 x 40cm  pastel painting
Framed and mounted professionally in a decorative black frame Photo Ref by Photographer:  Terence Porter

Coinín (Irish for Rabbit)

This charming painting captures the endearing personality of a rabbit as it looks away from the viewer, perhaps lost in thought or caught in a moment of contemplation. The artist has used a soft, delicate touch to create the fur of the rabbit, which is rendered in a naturalistic palette of browns, greys, and whites. The rabbit is positioned against a vibrant, leafy green background, which suggests a lush and verdant landscape. The background also adds a sense of depth and contrast to the painting, making the rabbit stand out more prominently. The rabbit's gaze, though not directed towards the viewer, still manages to convey a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. The overall effect of this painting is one of serenity and gentle beauty, inviting the viewer to appreciate the simple pleasures of nature and the inherent charm of animals. This painting is a tribute to the timeless appeal of rabbits and their place in our collective imagination as symbols of purity, innocence, and playfulness

framed 61 x 51 cm  Original Acrylic on 50 x 40 cm box canvas
Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Terence Porter

Looking Back

This coloured pencil painting depicts a fox with his back turned towards the viewer, looking over his shoulder. The fox's fur is beautifully rendered with shades of reddish-brown, orange, and white, and his eyes are bright and alert. The background is a solid white, which makes the fox stand out and adds to the simplicity of the composition. The overall effect is one of quiet elegance, with a focus on the fox's natural beauty and grace. The painting is titled "Looking Back."

Coloured Pencil57 x 47cm professionally mounted and framed

Cow Pastel Painting

0479 Strawberry Lane

This cow pastel painting depicts a serene rural scene, with a gentle-looking cow gazing out through a wooden fence. The cow is positioned in the foreground of the painting, with its head turned slightly to the right, as if it's peering out at something that has caught its attention. The cow's eyes are large and expressive, with a warm, friendly look that invites the viewer to come closer.

The fence that separates the cow from the viewer is made of sturdy, weathered wood, with thick, horizontal slats that create a sense of depth and texture in the painting. Beyond the fence,  the scene opens up into a lush, green landscape. The cow seems content and at ease, as if it's enjoying the quiet simplicity of its surroundings.

The pastel medium that is used to create the painting gives it a soft, velvety texture, with subtle gradations of color that suggest the play of light and shadow on the cow's head. The overall effect is one of tranquility and calm, as if the viewer has stumbled upon a peaceful moment in the midst of a busy world.

Overall, this painting is a beautiful representation of the quiet beauty and gentle rhythms of rural life, capturing the essence of a peaceful moment in time with skill and sensitivity.

57 x 47cm framed Pastel painting
Professionally mounted and framed
Photo ref : My own photo of a Cow from Kilcoole, Co Wicklow
Fish Acrylic Painting


This beautiful painting captures the tranquil elegance of koi fish as they glide through shimmering waters. The artist has used a vibrant palette of oranges, reds, and golds to depict the distinctive patterns and colors of the koi. The strokes of the brush are fluid and graceful, mimicking the movement of the fish as they swim in unison. The background of the painting is a blend of deep greens , creating a sense of serenity and calmness. The overall effect is a stunningly beautiful and peaceful work of art, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the tranquility and harmony of the underwater world. This painting is a testament to the enduring fascination and wonder that the koi fish has inspired in humans for centuries

61 x 45 cm Acrylic on box canvas
Professionally Framed in a lovely light brown wooden frame (no glass)

Majestic Dominance

In this expansive oil painting, 'Majestic Dominance: The Predator's Gaze,' a formidable predator's presence commands attention. The interplay of shadows and light reveals the creature's sheer power, as its unwavering gaze captivates the viewer. Painted in rich, deep hues, the canvas captures the essence of nature's apex predator. The large canvas magnifies the sensation of encountering this majestic creature in the wild, evoking both awe and respect for the delicate balance of the natural world. This painting is a tribute to the raw beauty and unyielding strength of the predator, a guardian of the wild realms.
  • 101 x 76cm 
  • oil painting on box canvas

Lamb Pastel Painting

Little Boy Blue

This pastel painting portrays a sweet and endearing scene of a baby lamb nestled in a stable. The lamb is positioned in the center of the composition, with its fluffy white coat taking center stage. The lamb's face is turned slightly to the left, as if it's contemplating something in the distance, and its delicate features are rendered with tender care.

The lamb is the focal point of the painting, with its expressive eyes and adorable face drawing the viewer in. The pastel medium that is used to create the painting lends a soft and velvety texture to the lamb's wool, creating the impression of a fluffy and cuddly creature. The lamb's small size emphasizes its youth and vulnerability, adding to the overall sense of tenderness and affection.

The lighting in the painting is soft and warm, with subtle variations in tone that suggest the play of light and shadow. The lamb is bathed in a gentle, golden glow, as if it's basking in the warmth of a sunbeam that's streaming in through a nearby window.

This pastel painting is a touching and heartwarming portrayal of a sweet and innocent creature nestled in a cozy stable. The use of color, texture, and lighting combine to create a sense of serenity and comfort, inviting the viewer to spend a few moments in the company of this adorable young animal.

A3 Pastels
Lamb from Newcastle, Co Wicklow
Photo ref with permission and thanks to Brendán Gerard William Callan-Bergin

Sheep Pastel Painting

Oh Hi Mark

"Oh Hi Mark" is a charming piece featuring a white sheep standing over the viewer and gazing down with curiosity. The sheep's woolly coat is meticulously rendered in soft, delicate strokes of colored pencil, capturing the texture and warmth of its fleece. The sheep's large, expressive eyes are full of wonder, as if it's just stumbled upon something unexpected. The blue sky in the background create a peaceful and idyllic setting for this delightful scene.

The sheep's positioning in the painting gives the impression that it is somehow in charge, as if the viewer is the one being watched over. This adds a whimsical touch to the overall feel of the piece. "Oh Hi Mark" is a playful and endearing work that captures the essence of innocence and joy that is often associated with young animals.

A3 Coloured Pencil
White frame with glass and mount 58 x 48cm

wolf Pastel Painting

Lone Wolf

"Lone Wolf" is a stunning colored pencil painting featuring a majestic gray wolf sitting beside a tree and gazing off into the distance. The wolf's fur is rendered in intricate detail, with each strand of hair beautifully captured in shades of gray and white. Its piercing eyes are rich in color, evoking a sense of intensity and focus.

The wolf's posture conveys a sense of solitude and strength, as if it's a lone sentinel guarding the forest. The tree beside it adds an element of natural beauty to the composition, with its textured bark and delicate branches.

The background is rendered in muted tones, with a mix of soft blues and greens that create a subtle and calming atmosphere. The contrast between the wolf and the background emphasizes the wolf's power and presence in the painting.

Overall, "Lone Wolf" is a breathtaking work that captures the raw beauty and strength of this iconic animal. The painting invites the viewer to join the wolf in a moment of quiet reflection, and to contemplate the wildness and beauty of nature.

A3 Coloured Pencil with frame

Puddle Pals

This delightful painting captures the charming innocence of two ducklings as they swim in a serene pond, viewed from above. The artist has used a gentle and nuanced touch to depict the fluffy, downy feathers of the ducklings, which are rendered in a naturalistic palette of soft browns and yellows. The pond is depicted in a range of deep greens, creating a cool and refreshing atmosphere that perfectly complements the carefree and joyful nature of the ducklings. The composition of the painting draws the viewer in and creates a sense of intimacy with the ducklings, as if the viewer were hovering just above the surface of the water. The overall effect of this painting is one of innocence, beauty, and harmony, capturing the essence of nature in its purest and most unadorned form. This painting is a tribute to the enduring appeal of ducks and their place in our hearts and imaginations as symbols of playfulness, grace, and joy.
Framed 25 x 25cm Acrylic Painting on 20 x 20 cm Box Canvas

Forest Whispers

This idyllic painting portrays a family of sheep grazing on a lush meadow on the outskirts of a serene forest. The artist has used a range of warm, earthy tones to depict the woolly coats of the sheep, which stand out beautifully against the verdant green grass of the meadow. The forest in the background is rendered in cool shades of green and blue, suggesting a deep, peaceful canopy of trees that provides shelter and respite for the sheep. The composition of the painting draws the viewer's eye towards the center of the canvas, where the sheep are clustered together, creating a sense of intimacy and togetherness. The overall effect of this painting is one of pastoral beauty, capturing the timeless essence of the natural world and the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. This painting is a tribute to the enduring appeal of sheep as symbols of domesticity, warmth, and tranquility, and to the deep connection we have with the natural world around us.

Framed 69 x 59cm  Acrylic Painting on 40 x 50 cm Box Canvas

Are you Talking to me?

"Are You Talking to Me?" is a striking colored pencil painting featuring the head of an ostrich looking outwards with a bold and curious expression. The intricate details of the ostrich's feathers are rendered in shades of grey and white, with delicate strokes of pencil capturing the texture and fine details of the bird's unique plumage.

The ostrich's large eyes are bright and alert, giving the impression that it is listening intently to the viewer's words. Its beak is captured in exquisite detail, with each curve and crevice of the unique structure carefully rendered.

The background of the painting is kept simple, with muted and subtle colors that complement the tones of the ostrich's feathers. The focus is entirely on the ostrich, drawing the viewer's attention to the bird's striking features.

The painting is a delightful study of an ostrich's curious and inquisitive nature, as if it is trying to communicate with the viewer. The title "Are You Talking to Me?" perfectly captures this sense of engagement and curiosity, making the painting a playful and engaging work of art.

A3 Coloured Pencil
white frame with glass and mount 59x46cm
€540 / SOLD /  commissions taken by email / Limited edition Prints available

Piggy Pair: A Tale of Two Curious Pigs

This charming painting depicts two young pigs, one looking outward and the other gazing intently at its companion. The pigs are rendered in warm, earthy tones, with their expressive faces and soft, downy fur adding to their irresistible appeal. The curious gaze of the second pig creates a sense of interaction and playfulness between the two animals. This painting captures the innocent joy of these two young pigs and celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

50x50cm unframed but ready to hang
Acrylic one of a kind painting on box canvas
€640 /  SOLD / commissions taken by email

Donkey's View

This coloured pencil painting features a donkey standing behind a fence, gazing out into the distance. The donkey's fur is depicted with various shades of brown and gray, and his ears are down, suggesting he's reaching out to something close by. The fence in front of him is made of wooden slats, with each individual piece carefully drawn to convey a sense of texture and detail. The background of the painting is a solid white, which provides a sense of contrast and helps to emphasize the donkey and fence in the foreground. The painting is titled "Donkey's View."

A3 Coloured Pencil
SOLD / commissions taken by email / Limited edition Prints available

Otter Acrylic Painting

Nature's Harmony

This captivating painting depicts an otter as he stands amongst a bed of weathered wood, with a verdant forest in the background. The otter's fur is rendered in exquisite detail, with a rich texture and warm, earthy tones that evoke a sense of natural beauty and vitality. The otter's gaze is directed towards the right of the canvas, creating a sense of movement and anticipation, as if the otter is poised to spring into action at any moment. The green background provides a harmonious contrast to the warm tones of the otter's fur, emphasizing its natural grace and agility. The overall effect of this painting is one of timeless elegance and serenity, capturing the essence of the natural world in all its diversity and beauty. This painting is a tribute to the enduring appeal of otters as symbols of curiosity, playfulness, and adaptability, and to the deep connection we have with the natural world around us.
20 X 30 cm Acrylic painting on box canvas
SOLD / commissions taken by email / Limited edition Prints available

Rabbit Acrylic Painting

Daisy Picking

  • 20 x 20 cm Acrylic on Box Canvas
  • SOLD / but commissions taken
  • Mouse Acrylic Painting

    Slim Pickings

  • 20 x 20 Acrylic painting on Box Canvas
  • SOLD / but commissions taken
  • Duck Acrylic Painting


  • 10 x 10cm Acylic Painting, finished with resin
  • SOLD / commissions taken